"This is a hugely relatable slice of slick pop."

-  Right Chord Music

"Intimate and full of delicate charm"

- Void Music Blog

Hey, Hi, Hello!!! My name is MACY!! I’m a singer, songwriter and performer. I would describe my sound as dreamy, sometimes dark ,sometimes funky pop or sometime Nu-Disco Pop.


I’ve been performing ever since I can remember. My parents have too many videos of me putting on shows whenever I had the chance to jump around the living room or garden. I’ve grown up surrounded by all genres of music, including Musical Theatre, which I guess explains my huge obsession with High School Musical ha-ha. You’re never too old to have a sing song to Breaking free, right?

Songwriting is my way of escaping from the real world & performing has literally saved me. I love collaborating too. I learn so much about myself and others through lyrics. I never ever thought people would listen to my tracks let alone like them. 

I released my first EP, "Words4Luv", late 2021 and I have new music planned for 2022. I feel extremely lucky that I get to make music everyday and hope to see you at the front of the stage soon